Selma – Omak Film Festival – Sun March 1 – Wed March 4

Selma Omak Film FestivalSelma is the fourth film of the 12th annual Omak Film Festival playing Sunday March 1 through Wednesday March 4 at the Mirage. Selma is rated PG-13 and runs 127 minutes. Starring David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey and Cuba Gooding Jr. and directed by Ava DuVernay. Showtimes: Sun Mar 1 – 3:15 (matinee), 6:30 *|* Mon Mar 2, Tues Mar 3, Wed Mar 4 – 6:30

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At Rotten Tomatoes:

“Selma is the story of a movement. The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.”

From Odie Henderson at

“There’s a reason why Ava DuVernay’s film is called “Selma” and not “King”. Like Spielberg’s “Lincoln”, “Selma” is as much about the procedures of political maneuvering, in-fighting and bargaining as it is about the chief orchestrator of the resulting deals. “Selma” affords Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the same human characteristics of humor, frustration and exhaustion that “Lincoln” provided its President. This relatable humanity elevates King’s actions and his efforts. It inspires by suggesting that the reverence for Dr. King was bestowed on a person no different than any of us. If he can provoke change, we have no excuse not to as well.”

ABC News reporting on the best picture Oscar nomination for Selma:

“The life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. is examined through the dramatic events surrounding the historic 1965 freedom marches from Selma to Montgomery. Determined to fight the injustice and discrimination that African Americans continue to face in southern states despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, King chooses Selma as the starting point for the peaceful protest marches that will focus the world’s attention on the city and its response.”

See the full Omak Film Festival line-up here.


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